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As a licensed professional ENT Specialist, I aim to offer adequate medical services in order to meet my patients’ needs. I am highly committed to offering high-quality care to the community and providing the highest level of satisfactory service.

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Please note that surgical treatments that require anesthesia cannot be performed in the ENT office but a private hospital. To get a personalized price quote please contact me.



In full anesthesia the adenoids, a sort of lymphatic tissue growing behind the nose especially in children, will be „erased“ using a new, nearly bloodless and less painful method COBLATION. It is mostly children between the ages 2-12 who are affected, showing the symptoms of morning coughing, nasal blockage, snoring, constant nasal discharge or middle ear infections.

Tonsillotomy (reducing the tonsils, incomplete tonsillectomy)

It is not always necessary to fully extract the hyperplastic tonsils but it is oft enough (esp. by children but also by snoring adults) to „cut off“ the outstanding part oft he tonsils. This can be carried out the safest and almost bloodless with the COBLATION Method. The tonsils will be „erased“ to the palatinal arch.


If you have a frequent tonsillitis/angina (more than 5x a year with high temperature within 2 following years), it is better to have the whole  tonsils taken out. The tonsils will be extracted from the tonsil bed, bleeding will be stopped with an electric forceps.

Incision of the ear drum (Paracentesis, Myringotomy)

By middle ear infections, fluid behind the ear drum a tiny (1-2mm) incision will be made on the ear drum and the fluid will be suctioned. The incision will be closed within 1-2 weeks. If the fluid is too much or too thick, it is advisable to insert a tiny tube which stays for some months, in ordert maintain a good ventillation oft he middle ear.

Operation of the nasal septum

If the nasal septum is deviated, breathing through the nose will be blocked, which can lead to everyday problems such as dryness oft he mouth (esp. in the night), snoring, nasal blockage during sports activities, even to sinusitis or headache. A deviation of the nasal septum can be corrected under general anesthesia. Through a little incision on the mucosa inside oft he nose, the deviated bony and cartilaginous parts of the nose will be straightened, outstanding parts of the septum will be taken away. In connection with this operation nasal concha will be reduced (see also nasal concha reduction). Two flat plastic foils will support the septum for 5-7 days. In some cases no nasal packaging is needed, in some other cases, a soft flat tamponade (packaging) will be inserted during the operation for 1 day.

Reduction of the lower nasal concha (radiofrequency treatment oft he lower nasal concha)

This operation can be carried out under general anaesthesia together with the nasal septum operation (also see nasal septum operation), or alone, in locaL anaesthesia. Nasal mucosa will be anesthesised with cotton pads of Tetracain and infiltration of the lower nasal concha with local anaesthetics. After these, the operation itself, the insertion of a radiofrequenz nadel in the lower concha will not be that much perceptable. The concha will be pushed to the side and you can already enjoy a better nasal breathing. No nasal packaging needed.

Operation on the sinuses (FESS, functional endoscopic sinus surgery)

The nasal sinuses are covered with mucosa. If there is an inflammation longer than 3 months, it is called a chronic inflammation oft he sinuses. This can result in many unspecific Problems: mucusflow on the throat, head ache, nasal blockage, night sweating, fatigue, swollen eyelids, bad smell, losing the ability to smell and taste. In some cases , if no medicines were helping, it can be cured with an operation. After obtaining a CT scan, an operative plan will be made. The pathological mucosa will be taken away in general anaesthesia, on the endoscopic way through the nose, the ill sinus will be opened in order to have a better ventillation.

Snoring operation (radiofrequency treatment of the soft palate, reducing the uvula. UPPP Uvulopharyngopalatoplastic. Reduction oft he tongue basis)

Many different kinds of operation will be refferred as a „snoring operation“. Which one you need, will be individually selected for you. Before a „snoring operation“ a special endoscopic investigation will be carried out, so that the cause oft he snoring is explored. Prior to this operation is also a polygraphy or sleep labor investigation is  required! This operation can be carried out in both general or local anaesthesia. The uvula will be reduced and the soft palate will be „stung“ with a radiofrequency needle in order to have it tense. The latest can be repeated later again, so that we reach the optimal and constant results. These operations will be oft carried out together with tonsillectomy/tonsillotomy or nasal septum operation. The voluminous tongua base can be reduced with using the almost bloodless coblation method or the radiofrequency needle.

Ear correction operation (Otoplasty)

Ears standing away from the skull are often a severe psychical problem for many children and even adults. During this operation (in local or general anesthesia) the ear cartilage will be exposed from the backside so that it can be formed through stitches and careful cuts. A bandage over the head has to be worn for 1-2 weeks.

Excision of smaller tumors of the lips, oral mucosa, ears.

Oft there are some sebaceous glands oft he ear lobe plugged or tiny salivatory glands oft he lips which are suddenly clogged and a zystous formation grows on the lips. In local anesthesia, these can be excided and may be eliminated for good.

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