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Please note, that a preliminary registration (ONLINE BOOKING, SMS, CALL) is required

to plan your visit to my office.
If you need an appointment with an urgent issue please send me an SMS and I will do my best to help you.

As a specialist for ENT, I thrive to provide you a quick and uncomplicated treatment of your ear- nose-

and throat diseases. I offer both conservative and operative therapies including pre- and

postoperative care, regular controls, second opinion, etc. In order to provide high-quality health

care and answer all your possible questions, it is especially important for me to take enough time for

my patients.


Medical Services

As a licensed professional ENT Specialist, I aim to offer adequate medical services in order to meet my patients’ needs by offering high-quality care and providing the highest level of satisfactory service.

To make an appointment, please use the online booking platform on this website.


Conservative Treatments


Consultation/advisory session

Children - ENT - Check-up

Adult - ENT - Check-up

Allergy Examination

Sleep Diagnostics (Polygraphy Screening)

Hearing Examination (Audiometry, Tympanometry)

Ear Cleaning

Ear Microscopy

Nasal Endoscopy

Laryngeal Endocopy

Pre-operative Preperation/Consultation

Post-operative Care/Treatment

Operative Treatments

Please note that surgical treatments that require anesthesia cannot be performed in the ENT office but a private hospital. To get a personalized price quote please contact me.



Tonsillotomy (reducing the tonsils, incomplete tonsillectomy)


Incision of the ear drum (Paracentesis, Myringotomy)

Operation of the nasal septum

Reduction of the lower nasal concha (radiofrequency treatment oft he lower nasal concha)

Operation on the sinuses (FESS, functional endoscopic sinus surgery)

Snoring operation (radiofrequency treatment of the soft palate, reducing the uvula. UPPP Uvulopharyngopalatoplastic. Reduction oft he tongue basis)

Ear correction operation (Otoplasty)

Excision of smaller tumors of the lips, oral mucosa, ears.

Contact Me

Please get in touch with me or use the online booking platform, in order to make an appointment prior to a visit.

Kaisermühlenstraße 26/3/3.11, 1220 Wien, Austria

+43 676 761 5585


+43 676 761 5585

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